AWAKE your Responsibility

This text consists crucial information regarding guidelines and recommendations regarding behaviour at the festival

As the day of the festival is just around the corner, there are a few points we would like to go through. Today, more than ever in recent history, we need to show understanding, respect and responsibility both to each other and ourselves. Novalja is welcoming us with open arms, but we are all guests there and we have to behave accordingly. Let’s all keep in mind that there are a few rules to follow while we are still having the time of our lives. We are all coming to Zrce Beach to unite and listen to the music we love.

Adjusting to new normal has become an integral part of our lives so let’s adapt while still having an amazing time! We cannot stress enough the importance of being responsible at the festival and that requires staying in your group. This not only shows respectful and responsible behaviour towards your fellow party goers who came from other countries but to your group of friends as well. Irresponsible behaviour will be not tolerated, and if you have been warned multiple times, you could be escorted out of the club. 

Also, take into consideration that wearing a mask in Croatia is obligatory in all closed public spaces, except restaurants and bars, and you must wear a mask while using any kind of public transport. 


  • Upon your arrival at the festival, keep 1.5 meter distance when entering or exiting the club, 
  • remember to stay with your group or friends
  • wash your hands regularly 

Wear a mask:

  • Before and at the entrance (recommended)
  • In front of and near the toilet areas (recommended)
  • Before and at the bars (recommended)


  • Will be collecting your personal contact info at the entrance
  • Will be wearing masks and gloves at all times
  • Will be taking the temperature of all party goers at the door
  • Will be making sure that everybody is following the rules and staying safe

Bear in mind that there is no dance floor and that you will find high tables instead. We ahve done everything in our pour to ensure health and safety of our visitors and the staff. This means that there will be a limited capacity of space for each person – 1 square meter per person. 

Let’s enjoy this summer and festival that celebrates music, love and life and let’s unite in dedication to make memories that will last a lifetime, and let’s do it – responsibly.